Offering fellow Christians a solution for creating sites for your Startup, Church, Band & Solo pages and so much more. We will even help with SEO & Commerce.

95% of sites are FREE 🙂

Dev4God - Free Christian Websites

Sharing the Gift of Experience

Something was missing in my professional life. I have a great talent, a great client base and a huge portfolio. Yet, I was becoming bored of only working to “pay the bills”.

I absolutely love what I do and consider the web as my ‘canvas’ when it comes to my design work. Yet, I wasn’t feeling the creativity as much with my new creation through Christ.

And so I talked to the Lord and asked him to provide a solution. His answer was in 1 Peter 4:10,

"God has given each of you a gift. Use it to help each other. This will show God’s loving-favor."

And now this is one of my missions. I want to help others create visually stunning, informative and user friendly experiences for their business or startup in order for them to pay their bills or express themselves & their faith by promoting their business or personal gifts & talents!

I am proud to offer 100% Free Christian Websites to small churches, startups, family business, artists’, non-profits and more.

Free Christian Web Design Services

Bringing Life to Your Online Presence

Experienced Design

I have been active in the Professional Development community since 2003 & have helped over 1000 happy clients.

Free Local SEO

I know SEO and am more than willing to help with the "basics" that others charge hundreds for. All free! Google and so on...

Christian E-Commerce

Getting a lot of likes on your home made items? Maybe your jewelry or really anything? Let me help you build your own shop.

Fast Turn-Around

While as Christians we are taught to be patient we are also taught not to waste time. And I will not on delivery of your site. Most can be done within' a week.

Many Projects Are FREE!

Setup a 100% FREE call today!

Free? Why? How? What’s the catch? Simple, be thankful to Jesus and pray for me like I will for you. My desire is to fulfill our Lord’s 2nd part of the Great Commandment.

I love my work, love of my brothers & sisters in faith and of course love my Savior Jesus Christ. So I will use my gifts to help promote yours.

For a 100% free 'get to know' each other call to better understand your goal.

Are all Christian Websites free @ dev4God?

No, not all but a huge majority are including startups, small churches / groups, non-profits, band & artist sites and small e-commerce shops. 

And what about the others? They are fair, ethical and God fearing prices so to say.

Meaning I will never overcharge, surprise you with hidden costs & I will be transparent with all costs upfront.

If you’re a bigger shop, company or need a larger web build we will talk numbers but they will be greatly reduced compared to my average rates by as much as 50%

I look forward to helping! God Bless & may Jesus continue to shine the light on you and yours!


Professional UI/UX Developer
Over 16 years experience

Are you a Christian Band or Artist?

I love Christian music of all genres and am happy to offer FREE websites to bands, musicians, choirs or anything related to harmony!

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Websites for Christians in need of design geeks!

*reviews from my Boston Design Firm, MBDEV.

I can vouch for is MBDEV's excellent business ethics and the willingness to help. Although they were not able to take our project due to delivery time constrain for our needs, they were diligent in helping us find someone able to do the project. Thank you for your honesty and referral.
Cris Raposo
MBDEV was awesome to work with. We had an existing WordPress site we were looking to add a page to. They instead redesigned our website to make our site easier to use and update by ourselves. Communication was awesome, they even included short videos that provided clarity to what was being explained.
B-Fortress HipAA Hosting
MBDEV was quick to jump in and get our project to completion. The team not only took our mockup and brought it to life, they also made several recommendations and provided guidance around things we had overlooked. Great experience - highly recommend.
Tals Adri
MBDEV worked miracles for us! Our project ended up being much more challenging than we all expected, but MBDEV patiently helped us identify our needs, find the best solution (technically & creatively), and work through all the surprises along the way to launch our beautiful new site.
Robin Krieglstein
MBDEV went above and beyond for this project! I couldn't imagine a better team to work with. They looked at my project holistically, asking questions about the business, user, and technical requirements for it. It felt more like working with partners that's in the trenches with me rather than someone who'd do the bare minimum and leave me hanging.
Faye Hayes

Let's Connect and Share

For a 100% free 'get to know' each other call to better understand your goal.

*Please understand the above reviews are taken from my Design Firm MBDEV Boston which has been in business for well over 10 years. As my dev4God project is still new I wanted to show my feedback from past projects. Questions? reach out to me. 

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